Friday, October 17, 2014


The last drawing for the temporarily delayed, but now back on schedule book of Scottish Mythology.  She is standing on a rocky Scottish shore, draped in seal skins and seaweed.

Thanks for stopping by.  More soon.


ben_ said...

Oh, ah. I first learned about Selkies from a wonderfull set of Images on the Topic made by toerning over at Deviant Art. Great Creature! I would love to see more on this here!

WOL said...

Everybody does stories about women selkies, but there are men selkies too. There's at least one song about a male selkie, but they never seem to get their skins filched and hidden away to keep them captive like the women selkies always seem to. The male selkie gets a land girl pregnant and then comes back and takes the child. There's something deeply sexist in the selkie stories.

Larry MacDougall said...

Ben - Toerning, really nice.

WOL - I would imagine that most stories before 1980 were/are sexist in one way or another, probably after 1980 as well.