Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Two New Watercolours

Two new watercolours - Dancing Nymph and The Last Days of Autumn.  I have also included a couple of preliminary pencil drawings.

In the first one a Woodland Nymph has climbed up onto a root tendril. She is dancing to celebrate the late but welcome arrival of spring.  I see her dance as being slow like Tai Chi or Yoga, but when you look away she will be gone.

This next one I am calling The Last Days of Autumn.  Once you get into October any warm day could be the last one, so I try to enjoy each and every one, not knowing when the last warm day will actually be.  Here a couple of Meadow Sprites are sunning themselves on a petrified troll skull.  Lazy Sprites.

Thanks again for stopping by.  More soon.