Thursday, April 24, 2008

Watercolour - Faerie in the weeds

A small watercolour done between assignments - just for fun.

Magic Card - Lorwyn

This is one of the many cards I did for the recent Magic set, Lorwyn.

Sketchbook - Witches

Some preliminary pencil work for a recent project concerning witches.

Watercolour - Proximity

I'm not sure why these two are together. Is she his prisoner or is he her body guard?
Maybe they're just waiting.
Watercolour with gouache and graphite.

Spectrum Award - Rainy River

Oddly enough this watercolour earned a silver award in the 15th annual Spectrum competition for Science Fiction and Fantasy art. Thanks Spectrum

Watercolour - The Woodwink

When I first painted this one I like her just as a nude but I then later decided to give her a little faerie glamour. I like both versions. This is watercolour with gouache and graphite.