Friday, September 30, 2011


Hello - with this post I would like to draw your attention to a new online art journal entitled Phases, which is designed and produced by Thomas Haller Buchanan at the Pictorial Arts Journal.  Thomas has decided to kick off his new arts blog by profiling yours truly with a pile of unpublished and unseen sketchbook drawings. There is a lot of beautiful design work here as you can see below, so why not pop over and give it a peek.

Just follow this link

Cheers !

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Haunted Forest - Rough

Even with two thirds of the final illustrations completed we are still working and reworking the picture concepts for our Irish Faerie Tale - Lavender Blue and the Faeries of Galtee Wood. In this case of  we have decided to delete an earlier illustration in favour of this new idea where Lavender is seen bravely entering the Haunted Forest. We want to show these supernatural woods as big and scary and Lavender as small and fragile, yet determined to press forward. Work continues.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Travel Update - Coven

It's starting. You can feel it. Not too much - hardly worth mentioning, but I've noticed.  I guess because I'm waiting for it. Autumn. A zing of red here, a few spots of yellow there. The green is changing. I love this time of year, and so do they. The days are getting shorter. The nights are getting cooler. It's their time. Autumn.

There are several active covens known to be operating in the Gwelf area. The one most feared and least understood is The Sisterhood of the Dark Fields. Shadowy rumours of them run thick and fast through the local pubs and taverns  as the bright light of summer recedes into the cool grey of autumn. It's not certain how many of them there are in the coven but estimates have it at thirteen or perhaps more. They are for the most part dormant during the spring and summer months, presumably due to an aversion to sunlight. They will surface again when the leaves turn brown and fall off the trees. The shorter days and cooler temperatures bring them out on their secret, nocturnal errands. You can imagine their  long, twig fingers crawling spider-like over the innocent form of a sleeping child, stolen from her cradle on a starless night. This is what they do, stalking the innocent and attacking them in their beds.

The residents of Gwelf are for the most part safe from witch attacks. However the out lying farms and smaller towns are much more vulnerable. The first thing you may or may not hear are the foot steps on the roof, followed by a paralyzing spell blown down the chimney to freeze you in your night shirt. Then a whispered incantation at the front door and the sound of all your locks unhinging themselves. You needn't worry about your money or your valuables, that isn't what they're after, although by the time they are finished you might be wishing they had been. A shaved head will be the least of the indignities visited upon you if they have their way. They are also interested in teeth and blood, your individuality and the life energy that resides in your temporal form. They are searching for secrets and there isn't anything they won't do to uncover the dearest and most personal ones.

The Sisters are very determined. They are the most bold on winter landscapes, moving through leafless, skeletal trees on the edges of moon lit fields. The first dusting of late autumn snow  bringing with it some new arcane atrocity, announcing their return for another season of fear and desolation.

At this time of year a hearty defensive plan is critical. There are things we can do. Witches do not favour salt or mirrors so I would suggest a liberal and creative distribution of both in order to enhance the protection of your person and your loved ones. However, candles infused with the appropriate witch defeating particle magic are your best defense, although they may be expensive and difficult to obtain.  The very best candles will remain lit on even the stormiest of nights. This will, as you can imagine, make them even more expensive and rare but if you are the kind of person that simply has to walk down lonely autumn roads in the middle of the night it will probably be worth it. Much care and caution will be required.

I hope this helps. Safe and happy travels to you.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Random Sketchbook

I was hoping to get another travel up-date out this week but ran out of time - instead - a few scribble pages from a recent sketchathon.

Peace be with you.

More soon.