Saturday, February 14, 2015

Garden Pixie

A little watercolour from last month.  The drawings you have seen before and the changes were made in order to improve the design.

I had originally drawn her with a flower but I felt a lot better about the drawing when I changed the flower to a sumac twig.  I like the long thin leaves of the sumac tree because I can put them where I need them to be to complete the design that feels right to me.

Thanks again for stopping by.  More soon.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Magic Mushrooms

This time we are going back to Gwelf.  My schedule last year deprived me of much of the time I normally spend painting and investigating the Gwelf region.  This year I intend to make up for that lost time and visit Gwelf more often.

Here we have an old Raven Witch tending her mushroom circle.  She protects it and feeds it and in return it offers her escape and travel. The kind of travel that can only come from a mushroom circle or "faerie ring" which, as we all know, can be an instant portal to the nether world for any ignorant mortal foolish enough to step within.  However in this case the Raven Witch cultivates the circle and thereby controls it's magic and it's power.  She is a traveler.

Time is short and I will get back to all of this "circle magic" as soon as I can but I wanted to be sure to drop in today while I had a few free minutes and update with you all.

Thanks for stopping by and more soon.