Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Hall Of Giants - Troll Documentary.

I was recently contacted by Michael Falcone, a documentary film maker concerning his film The Hall of Giants. It's about the legendary Fremont Troll Sculpture in Seattle. He wanted to use my Troll Image in his film as an example of what trolls can, and of course "do" look like. I was happy to let him use my pic and took this old image back into Photoshop and spruced it up a little.

Here's a link to a trailer on Vimeo for his film. The password is Troll -
It looks like fun.

Travel safely and peace be with you.



James said...

He looks like a very happy troll.

Larry MacDougall said...

You're right James, he is very happy. That's why he was chosen for the doc.
Happy trolls are a lot harder to find than grim and surly ones.

Oya's Daughter said...

Have you had a chance to see the Trollhunter? It's in Norwegian (I still remember a bit of it, the main actor looks shockingly like my grandfather), and is a rather fun mockumentary.

I remember that troll under the bridge...Seattle has such lovely art scattered all around, I used to live in a flat where the back alley had a full Where The Wild Things Are mural.

Larry MacDougall said...

Hi there O.D.

Have not seen Troll Hunter but have heard it's fun. Seattle is such a lovely city, you're lucky to live there.