Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alan Lee Drawings

Here is a link to some fabulous Alan Lee drawings. If you've not yet seen these amazing drawings I think you will find them well worth a look - a good look :)

Enjoy !


Leen Christens said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this!! As a teenager I bought the book "faeries", I still treasure it!! Like the drawings of Alan Lee I also like you're style of illustrations/drawings! Every time I see them again it's like there is something I didn't see before! There are very inspirational!!

Andy Smith said...

Many thanks for the link. What I wouldn't pay to sit down beside him and watch his process from start to finish. The delicate tendril like branches interwoven in a lot of his illustrations must take a lot of forethought. I have devoured a lot of his work before so I was pleasantly surprised when this link took me to some new illustrations.

Thanks again.

Larry MacDougall said...

I'm glad you liked the drawings. I too picked up the Faeries book as a teenager and like you have treasured it ever since. In fact I had to go out and buy a second copy because my first one began to fall a part. I still look at it all the time.

Larry MacDougall said...


You and me both. I think the closest you may ever get to watching him draw is on the Lord of the Rings deluxe dvd's bonus features. The camera gets behind him a couple of times and you can see his pencil moving over the paper. He seems very relaxed and casual about it - that's got to be the secret - stay loose :)

Jay Penn said...

That one with Merlin and Arthur is incredible!