Friday, September 4, 2009

Absinthe Faerie 2

More concepts for the Absinthe Faerie. What am I going to do with this ? She's like a psychedelic dream, hallucination, which I love, but what's the best way to show it ?
Is this piece going to be serious or fun - it could easily go either way - still not there yet - more drawing required :) I'm also messing with the Wormwood plant designs. They have these big flower tops that I'm using but also working with the idea that other weeds and grasses may be growing along side. I'm more concerned with coming up with pleasing shapes, or at least shapes that I find pleasing, than I am with botanical accuracy - gotta keep it fun.


Raul Avila said...

The last one of this group is a great drawing, a good serious extension a beautiful poster


Larry MacDougall said...

Thanks Raul.
I was kind of thinking that too. :)

Craig Phillips said...

Yes I like that one too. But I like them all. Seriously your sketches are really getting even better and better. I am really enjoying and admire all these wonderful charming female figures you are sketching.

Larry, how long do you spend in your sketch book each day? I have a lot of trouble keeping up the routine.

By the way did you make it to the spectrum exhibit?

Larry MacDougall said...


This isn't so much sketchbook as it is drawing roughs for a painting. I'll be at it all day if that's what it takes.
There's no deadline on this so naturally it's taking longer.
Drawing is my favourite part of the process and I've found that spending a little longer on the front end will make for better results later on.
Did not make it to the Spectrum show - much sadness.