Sunday, April 12, 2009

Arctic Troll

This image comes from a project I worked on last summer with my pal Neil Christopher for Chickadee magazine. Neil lives in the north and researches Inuit legends and tales and has become somewhat of an expert on Northern Mythology. We have worked on several projects in the past and are currently gearing up for another one. This character, known as The Amautalik is usually shown to be rather more gruesome but we decided to tone her down this time because the audience was going to be younger kids. The contraption on her back is where she keeps the children she collects before she eats them !


Su Haitao (aka Casper) said...

I am a illustrator from China and like your style, very much, I bought "WITCHING HOUR", As I study example.

I have some work, they below address, I hope to become a friend with you, very much.

Thanks for your awesome works.

Larry MacDougall said...

Hello Casper

Thanks for visiting my blog. I will pop right over and see you.