Saturday, October 3, 2015

Gwelf Travel Update - The Teasel Leaf Tavern

It has been a while since I have had a chance to visit Gwelf, distracted as I was by lesser responsibilities, but I have been able to find a bit of time on this blustery autumn weekend and so we shall proceed.

This time we are going to take a look at The Teasel Leaf Tavern.  It is a little off the beaten path, situated as it is out near the wild and woolly northern boundary.  However it has become a favourite destination for a small but loyal band of adventuring pear brandy enthusiasts.  A hearty group of characters undeterred by fear or distance.

As we all know October is the end of walking season in Gwelf due to the increased witch activity that comes with the colder weather. And yet every year, at about this time, there are those willing to take this risky excursion from the more civilized areas of Gwelf and arrive at the Teasel just as a new keg of brandy is tapped for the season.  For the true aficionados, a little danger only increases the pleasure of a new vintage.  What could be more thrilling than to sit snug and warm inside the tavern, sipping pear brandy as the sun goes down with the potential threat of a witch incursion at any moment?  This is what these sturdy yet discerning adventurers live for.

The nocturnal divide between October and November is widely considered to be the unofficial start of the witching season in Gwelf. And yet there are always a few over zealous covens wanting to get a head start on the proceedings and may begin their felonious activities even sooner.  This makes travel to the outer boundaries treacherous and inadvisable after the 15th.  One would hate to be kidnapped or vandalized just before Christmas.

As the year advances and autumn dissolves into winter, witch activity increases and becomes more dangerous. By February the residents of Gwelf will be hibernating in their little homes, candles lit, shutters closed, patiently waiting for spring.

One ray of sunlight in this dim story is the emergence of a new coven in the area seeking to balance the dark with the light.  The String Weavers are a small local coven of benevolent yet secretive witches who cast a healing influence over the neighbourhood of the Teasel and attempt to mitigate the shadow of the infernal winter covens.  This is not easy of course but they are committed and determined, thus making your chances of achieving a snifter of pear brandy on the outer reaches of Gwelf just a little bit better before the cold winds of November make it impossible.

As usual this travel update is simply a reminder to take care and be safe when trekking in Gwelf. Take nothing for granted and watch for the signs.  Good luck.

More soon.


Tammie Lee said...

such great story telling
sounds like it might be good to travel in groups
or to have a witch as a friend
charming tree house, love the colors in the windows
and your characters are always fun to see

WOL said...

Oh, yay! more Guelph!
A cask of pear brandy sounds like just my cup of tea . . . er, is that a mixed metaphor? I just started a new knitting project, and holing up in the taproom of the Teasel Leaf beside a purring fire and a roaring cat, er, make that a roaring fire and a purring cat ... with a tankard of pear brandy to hand sounds like where I need to be. Your new "white witch" coven needs a short, round, owlish witch who specializes in yarn magic. (where do I apply?)

Larry MacDougall said...

WOL - you only have another week or two to get over there and then the roads will be too dangerous. Cats are always welcome. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Larry MacDougall said...

Tammie Lee - Thanks so much and traveling in groups is always recommended. I'm glad you stopped by.

kitblu said...

I found your black and white tavern drawing on Pinterest as a colouring page. Are you OK with that? Even if not, I am happy to find your work. Interesting spelling, Gwelf; interesting country as well. Good to know the String Weavers are our side. Senna, the cat, and I will await spring and safer travel.

Larry MacDougall said...

Kitblu - Thanks for the heads up. If someone wants to colour in one of my drawings, I'm fine with it. Good luck to you and Senna - keep your candles lit.