Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Wise Raven

New Watercolour.

The Wise Raven or Raven Witch is seen here in her natural habitat, the woods and fields around her home.


WOL said...

Her home wouldn't be near Guelph, would it? I like her red and white stripy undershirt. She looks like she would be a herbalist/naturopath.

Larry MacDougall said...

WOL - I think you pretty much nailed. Yes she does live in the Gwelf area and she is looking for natural ingredients with which to infuse her potent yet beneficial spells. I also appreciate your traditional spelling of Gwelf/Guelph.

WOL said...

Are you familiar with a Spanish artist named Man Arenas?

He is famous for a "strip" he does about a faun. I think you and he would really "get" each other, artistic wise.

I keep petitioning the universe to give you the opportunity to do your Guelph thing. I think if you ever got the time to get it off the ground it would appeal to a surprisingly wide audience.

WOL said...

Larry MacDougall said...

WOL - I am totally familiar with Man Arenas. We have both of his Yaxin books and yes I feel an artistic and philosophical connection with him.

Despite the writing and designing I have already done on my Gwelf idea and the strong desire I have to work on this project, the fact is that it will simply be a ton of work for which I have neither the time nor the money. It would be at least a year of steady labour if not longer to get this project off the ground. The graphic novel I was recently working on for a publisher in Belgium was very time consuming and all done on spec in my free time. Yes they were going to publish it but they were not going to pay me enough to do it properly and of course sales are not guaranteed, especially with an eccentric idea like this one in a culture that wants super heroes and action and violence. I will continue to illustrate my ideas for Gwelf and include a chapter on Gwelf in an upcoming art book but for now that will be as far as it goes.

Thanks so much for your interest. It gives me hope.