Monday, February 2, 2015

Running Faun

A wee watercolour just for fun.


WOL said...

An interesting image -- I would expect the lifestyle choices of satyrs to lead to such a body, but perhaps not those of fauns. But then, maybe I don't know enough about this one. Does he live near a certain village? Will we be hearing, at some point, the faun's tail . . .er, tale?

Larry MacDougall said...

WOL - This one is an hedonist as you might expect, never sated and always looking for more. Why would such a character ever find himself needing to run cross country? I think it is because the Nymphs are driving him mad, they are such teases, at least in this story.

Emily Fiegenschuh said...


I love the sense of movement you achieved with the application of the paint – and that little bit of blur behind his hair.

Larry MacDougall said...

Thanks Emily. :)

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