Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More Inspiration

A few more pieces that are inspiring me these days. First up are couple from a new discovery of mine, although you have probably known about him for years. Rene Hausman, A Belgian cartoonist, illustrator and graphic novel creator. I just found him on Pinterest a couple of days ago and he is my new favourite. I like his exaggerated cartoon style and the subtle watercolour work. I just love discovering new artists.

Next is an artist I have loved for many years now - Myles Bircket Foster. He is one of the Victorian cottage painters operating in Britain at the beginning of the last century. He is primarily a watercolourist but he likes to get in there with the Chinese White and do some opaque rendering as well. This one is just terrific. I love the way he takes the time to carefully work every inch of the painting. I feel like I could stroll into that picture and explore it all afternoon. The stone steps and little wooden railing are just terrific.

 Next is another Victorian cottage painter named Helen Allingham. She is also a watercolourist but I don't think she went in for the Chinese White the way Bircket Foster did. She was more for scratching out and colour lifting to obtain light effects or to place small flowers in front of large dark areas like hedges or earthen banks. She is also very detail oriented. Every part of the picture is important.

This last one is something I found on Pinterest. I don't know who did this but I think it is just brilliant.

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by. More soon.

Okay, one more Hausman piece, just because those little birds are so cleverly designed. Look at the way he did their feet.


WOL said...

Hausen has done his world-building homework. You can tell he's thought about it a lot and worked out all the details. I have several prints of paintings by an English lady watercolorist who did old cottages. Can't recall her name off the top of my head. I would get up and look, but I'd wake up the cat sleeping between my legs. Sorry. Have you seen this lady's art?

Larry MacDougall said...

Wol - thanks for the link. I think that is a blog I'm going to have to follow.

Runkelchen said...

Immediately fell in love with the second sample of Rene Hausman. Thx for sharing the inspiring stuff and thx for sharing your stuff as well! =)