Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Recent Sketchbook

As usual I am up to my knees in client work that I cannot share because of contracts and NDA's and that sort of thing. However, I have set October aside to take care of a few small commissions and perhaps even paint one for myself.

In the meantime I have some recent sketchbook work. This is all random doodle stuff that I do to warm up or just have fun and possibly spark an idea for a picture. It is all very spontaneous and executed without any plan or forethought, which I'm sure is quite obvious. Here we have some gnome archers and some gnome wives and some other bird like critters.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope next time to have something a little more interesting.

More soon.


Jim Nelson said...

Great work, Larry! I love seeing these warm up drawings.

I'm particularly fond of the first set of gnome wives. Is it my imagination or are you using two different colored pencils in most of these drawings.

Larry MacDougall said...

Thanks for stopping by Jim. Just one pencil - 4B :)

Jeff Lafferty said...

Awesome sketches!

Larry MacDougall said...

Thanks Jeff !

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