Thursday, November 22, 2012

Faun and Stone Gnome Head

Just a quickie this time.


More soon.   :)


Tammie Lee said...

a wonderful quickie!

Mimi Cortazar said...

Fantastic line of work !

Larry MacDougall said...

Tammie Lee, Mimi - Thanks so much guys. :)

James Weatherhill said...

Every line ~ Always an Inspiration!
...speaking of Thanksgiving... I have to share with You & Pat ~ a True & Heartfelt "Thanks".
Although Rackham & Dulac have gone ~ MacDougal & Lewis wear the mantle and keep the torchlight lit.
& so a Sincerest Thanks to You for sharing your Talents and blessing our eyes & hearts ~ through blog, book and all.

Larry MacDougall said...

Thanks James. Very kind of you :)

Betsy Patel said...

Love the stone gnome! Loving your sketches.

Larry MacDougall said...

Thank-you very much Betsy. :)

WOL said...

For some reason, these have turned up again, not that I mind.