Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Witch Hats

It's now Autumn in the Gwelf area and as we all know, witch activity is going to increase substantially. I've given you plenty of warnings and survival tactics in the past to help make your travels in this dangerous region a little safer, but today I thought I might draw attention to the common head gear adopted by the covens of the Gwelf region. It is important to keep this shape in mind because you will often encounter these creatures at dusk when all you can see are shadows, and silhouettes will be all that you can see. These distinctive hats may be your first and only clue that you are about to have a close encounter with a nocturnal spell caster. Memorize this shape and be careful. It is also important to note that the trinkets and danglies that festoon their conical head coverings are indicative of the spells and hexes they most often use. In a later post we will delve more deeply into this potentially lethal branch of witch lore. But for now, proceed with caution.

Peace be with you and stay safe. If you are close enough to identify this hat it may already be too late.

Tally Ho


aKuna Kumara said...

as always enjoyable
Love your work.

aintshakespeare said...

Love the story and the pics. I can't wait to hear more.

Larry MacDougall said...

Akuna, Shakespeare - thanks guys, and of course there is more coming.