Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hi Folks.

Just a small announcement to let you know that I now have an Etsy gallery where I have a few originals for sale, like this Magic Card above.

Please feel free to drop by and take a peek.

Thanks again for all your patience  :)

More soon.


Tammie said...

it is wonderful and will surely get snatched up to be enjoyed personally.

Emerson Fialho said...

Bela ilustração, parabéns!

Faebyl said...

one day I'll be able to get an original from bot you and Pat:)

Larry MacDougall said...

Tammie, Emerson - thanks guys :)

Larry MacDougall said...

Thanks Monika.

faerwillow said...

~congrats to you on your new adventure...may it be one that is only filled with prosperity joy and new wondrous friendships to be forged!!! a wonderful card you have created...i do look forward to stumbling over for a well and much love light and blessings be with you~