Monday, January 31, 2011

Lavender Sketchbook 2

Here we have a few more faeries and the rough for the cover of the Lavender book. In the cover rough we see Lavender alone in the woods with a whirlwind of faeries swirling up around her and down below on the right hand side a couple of goblins are lurking.


Irene La Zia said...

It's always a pleasure to look at your sketches, they're so lovely!

I really like sketchbooks, I like to see how artists work and develope their ideas. Never considered to publish some of yours (hint hint hint)? :)

Larry MacDougall said...

Hello Irene
Thanks so much for the kind words and yes I am planning to do a sketchbook.
I have been scolded several times now for not having done one already. :)

Oya's Daughter said...

Really love your work, and enjoy seeing how things progress. I think the thing I found most wild about painting was how much time I spent "not painting", just preparing ideas on how I was going to paint, studies, wandering around outside, staring out windows.

Adding vote to see your sketchbook publication!

Larry MacDougall said...

O.D. - you are so right ! There is a lot of preparation that goes into getting a painting started and then completed. So much drawing and planning to do - and also, as you mentioned - dreaming. But of course, this is what we love about picture making :)