Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Arctic Giantess

Here's a spot from a recent round of Arctic Myths illustrations. As you can see, she is very big and is protecting the hunter whom she has her eye on for a potential husband. I'm not sure just exactly how this story ends but there are certainly some interesting implications there. The pressure will definitely be on the hunter to be strong and brave. The Giantess has the traditional chin tattoos and is wearing bear and caribou skins. The final step in completing this picture was to add a couple of circling birds. I don't have that version handy so I'm posting this one.

Best possible wishes going out to everyone for this holiday season.




faerwillow said...

~your art is just pure beauty...i love seeing your posts come capture such wonder and amazement within each piece...warm holiday wishes and brightest blessings~

Medieval Muse said...

Truly a wondrous and stunning work:)

Larry MacDougall said...

Faerwillow - Thank-you so much and warm holiday greetings right back to you.

Larry MacDougall said...

Thanks MM :)

Ghislaine said...

Wonderful! Thank you for showing! Have a nice Christmas!

Larry MacDougall said...

Ghislaine - Thanks-you so much and Merry Christmas to you too.

Ben Hatke said...

Fantastic, Larry! This is going to be a fine book.

Craig Phillips said...

Great one!

maji13 said...

Love your art and your blog. As an old Alaskan, I have a bit of norther mythology you might not know of and enjoy.

From Anchorage, you can look over the inlet to see Mt. Susitna, or The Sleeping Lady.

Her name comes from an interesting bit of mythology.

Best Regards, and great work!
;-Dave Pierce
Pierce Art & Design