Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recent Sketchbook - Witches

A few years ago I made a painting that I called The Magic Duvet. It showed several witches riding on a magic duvet which is of course exactly the same as a magic carpet. They're zooming over a winter landscape and having a grand old time. This picture was always a favourite of mine but I had a chance to sell it at the Mythic Journey's conference in Atlanta a few years back and I did sell it. I apparently sold it without getting a good scan of it and have been recently messing around with the idea of painting the idea again so that I can make prints and also enjoy reworking a fun idea.

I started to make some preliminary doodles but the idea began to morph into a simple group portrait of a coven, possibly seen at one of their nocturnal gatherings. I think maybe I felt a little guilty about not coming up with a new idea, even though my initial motivation was to re-do an older idea. Anyway - still drawing, still thinking.


Craig Phillips said...

I really love that first page of doodles! I cant wait to see another painting too.

Larry MacDougall said...

Me too. If time weren't such an issue I'd be on it right now.