Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eragon Art 2 - Eragons Guide to Alagaesia

This was a great project to work on but the deadline was a real killer which left no time for dilly dallying. I was essentially doing these drawings as fast as I possibly could which is why many of them have a monochromatic feel. A tight deadline is a very good learning experience. You have to quickly figure out where to put your effort. For everyone it will be different but for me it was trying to nail a half descent drawing and then focus on tonal relationships rather than colour. Having to also invent original costumes for the characters just added a little more stress, I mean fun. My results were mixed, which is to be expected under the circumstances but I don't mind these ones.

The Eragon series is a terrific set of fantasy novels and just full from cover to cover with cool things to draw. This book, Eragons Guide to Alagaesia will be out in November by Templar Publications in the UK and Candlewick Press here in North America.

Pictured above are one Human Soldier and one Urgal Raider. The Urgals are the bad guys in this story. They are big and mean and do nasty things to innocent people, so of course they were the most fun to draw.


Eric Zampieri said...

Nice project.

As you can post more material. Congrats!

Larry MacDougall said...

Hi Eric

I'll try to post some more in a week or two. Thanks for asking.