Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Warming Up

I recently picked up this cool little book on facial expressions. The book is just full of pictures of different people pulling faces. The two drawings posted here were taken from that book as part of one days warm up drawing. It's amazing how much squash and stretch there is in a human face.
Not all of the models in the book were ready to fully commit to making extreme expressions but these two girls certainly were. It also helps to push things a little yourself :)


Su Haitao said...

Real great works! The sketch of the character previously somewhat different, I think they come from the life。:)

Larry MacDougall said...

Thanks Su Haitao. You're right of course. These drawings were made from reference.

Brian Bowes said...

What's the title of the book, that you're drawing from?

Larry MacDougall said...

Hey Brian
The book is called Facial Expressions, A Visual Reference for Artists by Mark Simon.
The ISBN is 0-8230-1671-4
It's good reference - all ages, many expressions.
I hope that helps.


Craig Phillips said...

sounds like a good book. I think I have seen it around the shops in town here. Nice sketches! So so you do warm up sketches at the beginning of each day?

Larry MacDougall said...

Hi Craig
I try to start each day with some warm up drawing, usually from some kind of reference source like an animal book or a figure drawing book or in this case a book of expressions. I need to keep practicing. I can feel another stint of drawing hands coming up. I always feel like I need to catch up with the people who really know what they're doing.

Larry MacDougall said...

I don't usually post the drawings I make from reference because they are only for practice and not very interesting. What I want to say and share comes from my head.

Raul Avila said...

very good Larry data, is a task of all sketcher… is almost one professional obligation.