Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Sketchbook

I've got something new starting up soon that I shouldn't really talk about. But here are some pages anyway - just getting ready, warming up, concepting and getting a head start. It will of course have to do with super-natural and or mythical characters - but that's all I can say.


Adelaida said...

what I like in your characters and sketches is that the faces are not so beautiful and some are even ugly :) but still cute and you want to see more all the time :D

Larry MacDougall said...

Thanks Adelaida. I'll do my best to keep them coming.

Luristoplier said...

A wee bit of the Alan Lee in those faces, Larry (and I'm a tremendous Lee fan, so that, of course, is a compliment of the highest order). Beautiful, lively stuff.


Larry MacDougall said...


Yes, you have paid me the highest compliment. Alan Lee is pretty much at the top of the heap in my books.
Thanks so much.