Friday, January 8, 2016

Bye Bye Blogger

At one time Blogger was the place to be.  But that is no longer the case and has not been the case for some time.  The crickets are chirping here and tumbleweeds are blowing through the yard and down the road.  It is time for me to pack up and move on.

However you can still stay in touch with me at the following locations where the land is more fertile and white clouds float through a bright blue sky.  The breeze is warm and the birds are singing.

Tumblr -

Twitter -

Facebook -

Thanks so much to everyone who journeyed with me on this blog.  I very much appreciate it and hope that we can continue to travel together.

Peace be with you.



Brynart said...

Sorry to see you go, really liked your work. Have you tried getting onto google +, tons of people will see your work, and there are art communities you can join that have thousands of members that will see your work. You might want to check it out before you totally pull the plug.

Larry MacDougall said...

Thanks Bryn. I appreciate your support feedback.

To be clear, I am not pulling any plugs. I am and will continue to be active on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter where their respective communities are growing and dynamic. I'm sorry to say that Blogger, for me, is a diminishing environment.

Larry :)

Brynart said...

Okay, Maybe you could try instagram too. Lots of potential viewers on there aswell. See you on facebook.

Larry MacDougall said...

Thanks Bryn - See you there.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about blogger - it seems so much more convenient posting quick updates on a facebook page than it is updating larger blog posts..And it has sort of gone quiet around here..
Tumblr is made for visual goodness too - guess i'll see your stuff there :)

Larry MacDougall said...

Thanks Rosie - I'll be there. :)

33ZTH said...

:( Sorry to read you say goodbey to blogger. :( Sorry to read you say goodbye to blogger. I hope one day you will consider to join in google+ where many people will see your artwork and there are art communities. Good luck!

Mel Gibsokarton said...

Can't say I admire your decision - modern platforms such as listed above are, as Gurney in his blogspot said, "kiosk media", millions of pictures shift as inside of kaleidoscope, one minute they're here and then they're covered by other pictures, barely leaving the time to genuinely appreciate.
Still, fine to go. Grace to you.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Larry! Blogger has locked me out from all of my blogs through mystery changes! It won't even acknowledge that I HAVE any blogs! What the %$@@*??????

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