Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Candle Waxer's Cottage

Travel Advisory.

Although this looks like just another run of the mill tree cottage found all over the Gwelf region, it is in fact a fortress housing a very powerful candle waxing coven. A neutral band, neither good nor bad, the Sisterhood of the Silver Flame specialize in the craft of infusing particle magic with slow burning candles, now known as "candle waxing". This art has been discussed here before but I mention it again because a reminder as to the importance of knowing one's allies during these dark autumn days would seem to be prudent.

Not only do these witches provide the candles and magic most commonly used against the darker forces in Faerie, but they give sanctuary to wayward travelers, offer healing to those that need it, and have even been known to provide the occasional hot meal. They are a beacon of light on a dark landscape and despite their neutral stance, tend to be helpful and friendly.

Three of the Elder Sisters.

In this particular coven of related sisters, cousins, aunts and daughters, they keep their practice grounded in the traditional teachings of their order. The elder witches providing the wisdom and experience of age, while the younger members bring in new ideas and the positive outlook of youth. The atmosphere here is studious, progressive, jocular and occasionally ribald. A lively environment indeed where an alert mind and flexible sense of humour are helpful if not necessary - a safe and comfortable shelter from the dangers of the road.

A few of the younger Sisters.

Revealing the exact location of this coven and it's cottage is strictly forbidden. Nevertheless, if you should ever happen across this, or any other candle maker's cottage while traveling, a spontaneous visit is fine, especially if it is getting dark and the road is becoming dangerous. This scenario is all too common while traveling in the Faerie Realm, and knowing who and where your allies are is a valuable survival tactic. You will always know when you are in the vicinity of just such a dwelling because the unmistakable scent of cinnamon and nutmeg will be in the air. This is their sign post, their calling card if you will and an open invitation to anyone recognizing the significance of this fragrance. A fragrance by the way, designed to repel those very creatures we mean to avoid, and attract those of us rallying against them.

So take care fellow travelers. Help is at hand if you know where to look. There are candle makers scattered throughout the Gwelf region in covens, guilds or operating on their own. They can be powerful friends and fellow adversaries against the unholy forces in Faerie. Be advised, your survival may depend on it.

Autumn is here - proceed with caution.