Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Belle Flower Inn

Okay, something a little different this time. -  bit of travel blogging from the Faerie Realm. I've been meaning to get to this for some time now but kept getting waylaid by other projects.

The Belle Flower Inn
I thought today we might stop by the Belle Flower Inn, which of course is not really an Inn at all but a lovely little Bed and Breakfast. The Belle Flower is located on The Old North Road between Chatham and Gwelf and was at one time a favourite stop over establishment for travelers in the area - that is to say, if there was an occupancy to be had at this once popular spot.

As it turns out the rumours of a haunting at this charming old inn have, by all accounts, turned out to be true and some poltergeist activity has been recently reported. I myself have stayed at the Belle Flower several times and although some odd occurrences were noted, it wasn't anything alarming enough to keep me from returning.
Francis Brookwater - owner of the Belle Flower.

A missing toothbrush and a muddy foot print on the duvet were not sufficient to curtail my visits. However, events of a more serious and bizarre nature have recently been reported. One guest, Pedal Mueller, was seen levitating several feet above her bed while sleeping and later awoke to find herself inexplicably in the garden. Calming elixirs were provided and she made a swift and complete recovery. Tales of an even more sinister nature have also been heard but I wouldn't want to rush to any hasty conclusions.

Luckily for us business has slowed down somewhat and a room is now a lot easier to obtain at Ye Olde Belle Flower than it used to be. I'm quite sure that the more adventurous of us
Pedal Mueller - Guest.
would not hesitate to enjoy the hospitality of this once fine and noble house.

So the next time you find yourself trekking on "the other side" and looking for a place to bed down for the night, you could do a lot worse than The Belle Flower Inn..

And a word to the wise - breakfast will not be served past 8:30 so you'll have to get up early. You won't be sorry. Try the toast !

Happy travels and peace be with you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Goblins and Witches

Some work from a recent pencil session. It has been decided that along with the story illustrations I will be doing for the Irish Faerie Tale book I'm currently working on, I will also do a page of Faeries and critter designs from Irish mythology. Here we have a few pages of potential characters
These designs are all in the goblin-witch category. These are a lot of nasty and unclean things lurking around in the shadowy hills and murky forests of Irish Lore and we're just getting started.
More soon.

Peace be with you.

Monday, June 6, 2011


This guy came up in a recent doodle session. I was thinking about trolls and hobbits and how cool the new Hobbit movie could be. So here's a troll for you in hopeful anticipation of the new Hobbit Movie. We only have a year and a half to wait. I hope I can hang on.

More soon.

Peace be with you.